Local Data Resources


County-level data can tell a better story to stakeholders. Below are county-specific tobacco and overall health information for counties throughout Wisconsin.

County Health Rankings and Roadmaps (BRFSS)

  • Tobacco and smoking patterns (ex: adult smoking, smoking during pregnancy)
  • Income inequality
  • Behavioral health (ex: mental health providers, poor mental health days, poor or fair health)
  • Overall health outcomes

Environmental Public Health Data Tracker

  • Statewide and county-level data on environmental and public health issues (e.g., Air Quality, Asthma, Cancer, Heart Attack, Oral Health)

Local Data on Poverty and Insurance in Wisconsin (DHS)

  • Poverty status and health insurance

Wisconsin Asthma Statistics

  • Asthma statistics by county

Wisconsin County Cancer Profiles (UW-Madison)

  • County-specific cancer outcomes and risk factors data

WI Interactive Statistics on Health (WISH) (DHS)

  • Tobacco and smoking patterns (ex: cigarette smoking, smoking policy at work)

Wisconsin State Legislative District Health Profiles

  • Generate county-specific health profiles featuring data on health outcomes, insurance coverage, and demographics 

Wisconsin Public Health Profiles (DHS)

  • Broad health profiles